Saturday, 25 June 2011

SP - Codes and Conventions

During the first week of A2 Media Studies i have learnt a few key aspects of music videos. Just like in AS when we created our film opening there are key codes and conventions that are used in alomst every music video. Some of these codes and conventions are backed up by Goodwins theory. He said that in every music video there will be at least one of these three things:

1. Performance (The band or the singer features in it)
2. Narrative (A story to go with the band/singer)
3. Concept

Others codes and conventions include:

3. Alot of cut shots and not too many transitions betwwen shots
4. Very fast paced editing
5. Short takes
6. Male / female gaze
7. Lip syncing
8. Backing dancers

Some other things we had to consider in our initial thought was that we had to cover these three things:

1. Format
2. Audience 
3. Genre

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