Friday, 30 September 2011

SP - Deconstruction: Professor Green feat. Emeli Sandé - Read All About It

In our Media lesson today we looked at the music video Read All About It by Professor Green feat. Emeli Sandé. We have contrasted it to the music video we deconstructed yesterday, 'Party All Night (Sleep All Day)' by Sean Kingston. As a class we all agreed that it was a much better example of a modern music video and compared to yesterdays example it had alot more advantages to it. 

To begin with this music video is a hybrid between two of Goodwin's three music video types. The main aspect of the video is a narrative however it does contain performance footage of the two vocalists.

One of the reasons that the video is technically better is because there is a lot of shot variation, with a number of different camera angles and camera shots. This prevents the audience becoming bored of the music video. However this song also uses quite a lot of long takes which counters the codes and conventions. This works quite well in the narrative parts of the video but doesn't for the performance sections because we see the artist lip syncing for too long.

The editing is also much more superior to the music video we looked at yesterday. The Sean Kingston editing is relatively poor however the specialFX are quite impressive. However as i siad in my blog post we could probably replicate the editing style in that music video. Today I enjoyed watching the Read All About It video because the editing in this video is much more interesting and watchable. Transitions and jump cuts are used between the two different narratives. One is Professor Green as a young child and then Professor Green as an adult. There are also two different parts to the performance sections, with Emeli Sande's performance been kept seperate from Professor Green's performance. The framing throughout the video is also very impressive and stands out more than yesterdays clips. 

It is clear to see that there are huge differences in the standard of the videos between Sean Kingston's "Party All Night" and Professor Green's "Read All About It". One, the Read All About It music video is a very impressive video and is one that we should maybe use as inspiration. The other video, Party All Night is a very disappointing video and is one that we could maybe view as an example of what we should try and avoid doing for our video. 

Once we had deconstucted abit of the music video we begun to discuss the challenges we would face if we were to try and remake the music video.