Wednesday, 21 September 2011

SP - Lessons Learnt From The Practice Class Music Video Filming

Yesterday we were meant to start our filming for the muscic video Hello by Martin Solveig. However we faced a few problems such as:

1. We were extremely unorganised as not many people brought their costumes
2. We had not done enough planning so no-one knew what they were doing
3. We did not have a clear leader so people were doing what they wanted
4. No-one checked the PE department so the tennis nets weren't up when we tried to film

All of these complications meant that we had to do it today, putting us behind schedule and less time to edit the final product.

However today it was a totally different story. The things we did differently include:

1. We elected two leaders to organise the whole group
2. The leaders made a group on Facebook so that we contact each other
3. Everyone remebered their kit/costume and were changed promptly
4. We did alot more planning so we could get straight on with the filming
5. The actors and cinematographers knew what they were doing and when 
6. Some contacted the PE department and the tennis nets were put up ready for us to film in first period

Our filming today was a huge success compared to yesterday. We filmed everything we needed to film in the time we had. Learning from Tuesday's problems we all pulled together and got the work done. We are doing the practice music video so we learn from our mistakes. We have learnt that we cant mess up like we did yesterday on the actual coursework because it would have more serious implications. I think everyone has learnt that for the actual coursework detailed planning is key and if it is not detailed then there can be alot of problems as we have just found out.

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  1. "I think everyone has leanrt that for the actual coursework" - ignoring the spelling, good to know!


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