Monday, 19 September 2011

SP - Practice Class Music Video

Today we started planning for the music video "Hello" by Martin Solveig. We made a very basic call sheet of what we were going to film the next day. We aslo assigned people roles and made sure everyone knew what costumes to bring in and where we were going to meet. Tomorrow we will hopefully start filming the music video in which we will shoot a tennis match just like the original music video. We will also shoot crowd members and a few of us dressed in wigs to try and make the music video as funny as possible. We hope to film it all tomorrow so then we will be able to edit it for the rest of this week. This will hopefully allow us time to think through our pitches for our own main coursework ideas next week and possibly form into groups for the coursework.

The roles we decided for the music video are:

Me: A Tennis Player
Rob Shaw: A Tennis Player but dressed as a girl
Will Spivey: A Ball Boy and Tom's love interest
Kyle Meeson: The Umpire  
Gina Maunsell: A Tennis Player
Jess Thorne: A Fan and the Director
Ben Hudson: The Cameraman and the Director
Melodie Abraham: A Fan, a Ball Girl and Choreographer
Harry Knight: A Tennis player
Ellie Fry: A Fan
Tom Wardman: A Ball Boy and the HE who is my love interest in the music video. Tom is also dressed as a girl.

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