Tuesday, 13 September 2011

SP - Vodcast On Contrasting Music Videos

Ben Hudson and I have compared two very different music videos. Ben decided to choose a Nine Inch Nails song called Perfect Drug. It was written for the David Lynch film Lost Highway and originally appeared on the Lost Highway soundtrack and as a single from the score in 1997. The music video for song was directed by Mark Romanek, and is on the Closure video compilation and The Work of Director Mark Romanek. On the other hand, I decided to do The Prodigy's Firestarter as my song. It was the group's first number-one single on the UK Singles Chart, staying on top for three weeks. The music video was directed by Walter Stern and was filmed in an abandoned London Underground tunnel at Aldwych. Keith Flint's appearance and the video's stark black and white also instigated controversies about being too scary for children watching it. Some television channels even refused to show the video until after the watershed. 

We had both done deconstructions of these music videos but we wanted to compare and contrast some ideas under the main key concept areas which are media language, the audience, the narrative, representation and the genre of the msusic videos. Some other things we considered were shot types, editing, mise-en-scene, locations, costumes, themes, mood, use or not of performance etc.

To see Ben's deconstruction of Nine Inch Nails - Perfect Drug click here
To see my deconstruction of The Prodigy - Firestarter click here

Here is our Vodcast on two contrasting music videos: 

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