Friday, 16 September 2011

SP - My Class Pitch

Last week we were given the task of preparing a 90 second pitch that had to be presented infront of the class. The brief for this task was that we needed to think of a music video idea and be able to confidently try and sell this idea to the class members so the idea would get chosen via the method of the vote.  The aim was to try and have everyone feature in the music video, just like in the Media Day task, and get everyone involved so no-one would be sitting around doing nothing. This would also allow us to create our own edits in grouos of two's so we get more experience with FinalCut. 

My idea was to do the Sum 41 song In Too Deep. The original music video is about Sum 41 facing another dive team and each band member takes their turn diving off the board in comical fashion as they dive against their opposition who dive with mocking perfection. After each dive, the video cuts to a scene of the band playing in an empty pool surrounded by fans cheering along. The band wins and we see their disgruntled opposition. The whole crowd then dives in the pool in celebration. 

My idea was similar to this as i thought the original video works really well. My idea was a perfomance and narrative based music video which would involve two diving teams. They be walking towards the arena, which would be the swimming pool at school, where it would cut to the two teams confronting each other in the changing rooms. Then there would be shots of the two teams taking it in turns to do really bad "dives" in to the pool. There would be several cut shows of a band playing throughout the video aswell and i also thought of some of the divers lip-syncing the lyrics. The twist would be at the end when one of the crowd randomly does a "spectacular" dive in to the pool and the judges would award this person from the crowd the trophy. 

Here is my Class Pitch: 

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