Tuesday, 5 July 2011

SP - Media Day

Tuesday 12th July we will be reinacting the world famous music video Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears. However we will face some very tough challenges if we are to fulfil the same high standards that are set in the original video. 

 1. We do not have any of the equipment that was used in the making of the Britney Spears music video. They will have had a lot more equipment to help with steady shots, high angle moving shots etc. 
2. Mise-en-scene is a huge factor in music videos and especially in this one. We will struggle to match the same clothing that was used in the original video. 
3. Make up is also a key feature as there are a lot of close ups used in the video. We will not have the time or products to have the same high standards. 
4. As this will be most of our first attempts at lip syncing it will be very difficult for us nail it first time. It may look very amateur and not as professional as the Britney Spears one.
5. Another big problem we face is the dancing. Britney Spears is a professional dancer and will be able to pay for other professional dancers to perform in her music videos. Most of the people in our media class will never have danced in front of a camera before so it will be a new experience to us.

However there are a few requirements that could help us to make our new take on the Britney Spears video as good as possible. 
1. We could have a few directors who know the video very well any could tell us where we should be and what words we should be miming.
2. The directors could also have call sheets so we could do all the shots that are necessary in the same location so it will save a lot of time. 
3. One good way we could help with the lip syncing is to have the song on someones phone. This will help a lot with the timing of the words etc. 

Last years A2 students faced the same problems as us but managed to come throught the  process very well. We need to leanr from their mistakes and make it even better. Here is the link to last years version of Britney Spears - Hit Me Baby One More Time

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