Tuesday, 19 July 2011

SP - Behind the Scenes of Media Day

During Media Day we had to film some behind the scene footage. We assigned Alex McCluskey for this role and he had to film us throughout the day to give an insight of what we actually did. Alex filmed us whilst we were filming for the main Britney music video to show what props were being used and how we were organising each other to make our section of the music video as good as it could posssibly be. He also filmed us at the very start of the day in the Eco Pod when we had to introduce ourselves saying what our role was for the day and practicing lip-syncing even though there is no signing in our classroom scene. Another We also decided to do interviews during the day so people could voice their opinions on how hte day was going and how it could be improved if we had to do it again. 

Here is the behind the scenes footage from our group during Media Day:

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