Sunday, 17 July 2011

SP - Goodwin's Theory

Goodwin’s Theory involves at least one of three aspects that are performance, narrative and concept. However two of these three aspects could be used in one music video. Here is a definition for each aspect:

Performance - This is when the music video is heavily focused on showing footage of the artist or the band playing. This could be at a live event, recording their song at a recording studio or just a casual environment. The fact the artist or band is the main focus of the video it means that the vocalist and the band members will have to lip sync the words rather than actually sing them. This type of video is used for bands that are not extravagant and do not want to spend a lot of money on their music video. This may be heavily used for bands that are just started in the industry and do not have the money to spend. Bands that are more successful and have been around for a longer time would usually spend a lot on their music videos to interest their fans. The biggest problem with this type of music video is that the audience might get bored if the band isn’t really famous because the audience wont know who is who and would loose interest very quickly. Here is an example of a performance music video:

Narrative - This is when the video follows a storyline that is usually relating to parts of the tracks, the genre or lyrics to the track. This route relies on a story for the audience to follow and is usually mixed with the performance route. This means that there will be a storyline in the music video but also snapshots and clips of the band playing as well. Some other ways narrative videos are used is when the song is used in a movie. The music video will involve some scenes from the film whilst cutting away to the band playing the actual song somewhere. Here is an example of a narrative music video:

Concept - This is when the video is based on a single, random idea or concept. These are sometimes used for dance tracks which don’t have any lyrics so a completely random and quirky idea is used to grab the attention of the audience. This is because they do not usually see random videos as most follow performance and narrative routes. The concept route has no boundaries and a creative mind can be used to try new things out.Here is an example of a concept music video:

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