Sunday, 17 July 2011

SP - Month In Media

Month in Media is all about groups of 3-4 to get together outside of school and discuss what they have learnt in Media lessons during that month. Each month throughout the year a different group of people will create a vodcast, just like we did last year with our film openings, talking about different subject areas within Media. The footage that has been recorded has to be edited in our own and if it is successful it can be well worth the time and effort. This month Rob Shaw and I volunteered to be the first group to experiment with the concept of month of media because it interested us, it will look good on our UCAS forms and our CV's.

Ever since we came back from study leave our Media Tecnician, John Cockshaw, has been filming variuos different aspects of the lessons where significant new concepts have been covered. He did this to give us some useful footage that we could use in our month in media vodcast. Once he had filmed all of useful snew subject areas, John uploaded them on to a Mac in the Media room. 

For this month, Rob Shaw and I were set the task of creating a chat show in which we would discuss the new subjects we had leanrt since we came back from study leave. We chose a few of the new things that we had learnt which inlcluded subjects such as Digitisation, Censorship and Goodwin's Theory. We had to decide where we would film our own footage on these topics in front of the camera so we could upload it onto the same Mac as John's footage so we could edit it all in to one video.

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