Sunday, 17 July 2011

SP - Final Cut and HD Cameras

Now that we have started the A2 course I have learnt some of the new software we will be using on the Macs at school this year. Unlike last year when we used IMovie, we will be using software called Final Cut. The main reason for this is because it has multiple layers and has much better effects on it. I have had a 30 minute session with our Media Tecnician, John Cockshaw, where he showed me the basic features of Final Cut. Obviuosly my first impression is that it is a much better software and a big step up from IMovie. However just like last year im sure it will take time to get used to. Its not just new software that we will be using this year, we will also be using new hardware. HD cameras will be available for us to use and this will give us a much better quality of picture which will hopefully allow us to film some really good footage. Another advantage over the cameras we used last year is that the HD cameras have a wide angled lens. We have been able to get our first impressions of these HD Cameras as we were able to shoot our Mini Vids with them and also use them during Media Day. Just like with Final Cut i believe that these HD Cameras are a hundred times better than the cameras we used during the AS course as you will be able to see when our Mini Vid and Media Day footage is completed.

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