Sunday, 17 July 2011

SP - Change in Mini Vid Song

Last week we decided to change our Mini Vid song because the footage we had shot for our original song, Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan, wasn’t what we had hoped for. Originally we had chosen this song because we thought it was the easiest one to shoot but after looking at our footage, as a group, we realised we should change our song and aim higher. Therefore we have chosen the track Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top which was another track we had been given and had to choose from.

Here is ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man, the new song we have chosen to make a 30-60 second music video for:

We had finished the storyboards and call sheets on Thursday so we were able to film some new footage on the Friday. We still decided to film at school as we were all free then. We also felt that we could fit the school setting into our new idea. The fact we are re-shooting could help us in the long run as we are getting even wore experience with the HD Cameras and using Final Cut.

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