Thursday, 22 September 2011

SP - Editing The Practice Class Music Video

Today we were put in to groups and I was put with Jess Thorne and Ellie Fry. Over the next couple of days we will be editing the footage we shot yesterday for the practice class music video.  

Firstly we had to upload the footage we shot yesterday to the MACS via the SD CARD for editing in Final Cut. However, you cant upload it straight to Final Cut so the first thing we had to do was import the footage to iMovie then we could share the file to Final Cut.

We had about 17minutes worth of footage to work with because we had taken alot of coverage. We decided to take a lot more shots than we needed because then we have more to play with and we wanted a variety of shots. This will definately mean we will not have to re-shoot and when it comes to editing we will all have a unique edit from our each group

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