Thursday, 6 October 2011

SP - Bradford Film Festival

Today, Thursday 6th October, all Media students in Years 12 and 13 went to the National Media Museum for the 45th anniversary of the Co-operative Film Festival in Bradford.

On the National Media Museum website there was a section on the Co-operative Film Festival and it said: 

Exciting News: James and Oliver Phelps, the actors that play Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter films, will be opening this year’s festival on Thursday 6 October! The brothers will also be talking about their experiences in the film industry in a live Q&A session. Each year the Co-operative encourages young people to express themselves and make a short film and the result is the Co-operative Film Festival. Over 2 days the National Media Museum plays host to screenings of over 100 short films and a wide range of film workshops, events and masterclasses. There will also be professionals on hand to offer advice to young film-makers in friendly feedback sessions. Come along and watch a diverse range of fun, inspirational and thought provoking films; take part in an animation, film-making or TV studio workshop or learn how to get a job in the TV and film industry. Be inspired, participate, be challenged, be co-operative, express yourself, have fun. Whether you’re a film-maker, film enthusiast, parent or teacher, or you just want to be inspired - there’s something for everyone at the festival.

The first thing i did when i got to the National Media Museum was have a look around the museum which has a wide range of different Media related items from diffrent time periods. We could also use more advanced Media equipment and take part in a number of activities such as workshops. We could just look around the different floors of the museum and take in all the information we had learnt.

Just like last year ther was a number of students from our school that were having their work screened and I was one of them lucky people. However there was four more groups from Ilkley Grammar Schools having their videos screened. Three of them were for the AS coursework, including our 2 minute film opening. The films were first all shown in Screening 1 and once they had finished, the creators of the film walked up on stage to recieve their awards but also have a photograph taken. The screenings were impressive for different reasons and made all the Year 12's want it to be their work that is screened there next year. After the screening Rob Shaw, Asa Newmarch and I then took part in a short interview. This was to explain what our film was about, what our inspiration was and then to highlight some tips on what to tell people thinking of entering their films into the festival for next year.

In the afternoon i went to the Final Cut Pro - Editing Master Class where i was taught some new techniques by our tutor, Rad Miller. Unfortunately i had to leave near the end of this 2 hour session but in the time i was there i learnt alot about the software. The brief for the session was:

This intensive course is designed for the more serious filmmaker that is aiming to take advantage of the more complex features of Final Cut Pro. Participants will learn time saving techniques, logging techniques, refining edits, key frame clips, createlayered composite images, colour correction and exporting in various formats. 

I have learnt alot from this experience such as customising the workspace, log and batch capturing, using key frames, creating matte shapes, using a garbage matte, using the chromakey plugin fliter and basic colour correction. Unfortunately because i had to leave around 30 minutes early i missed how to use nesting sequences, how to use the media manager and exporting files to diferent file formats but i am sure i can learn these off the other people that attended the session.

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