Tuesday, 4 October 2011

SP - My Coursework Pitch Idea

Artist: Oasis
Genre: Britpop
Director: Nigel Dick
Year: 1995
Audience: Over 24-35

Idea: My idea for the A2 coursework is based around the lyrics to the Wonderwall song by Oasis. I want to have a music video that is based around a couple that has just had a major fall out. The first few shots will be based around this argument. The song starts off quiet slowly so I will use a slow motion effect. This will show the emotion of the two people, with the girl crying and the man throwing things on the floor. After the guitar at the start, the first verse starts to be sung and I plan to time this with the man storming out of the house and when the door is slammed shut this is when the singing comes in. I plan to have this man lip-syncing quiet a lot of the lyrics because it will show his emotion of what has just happened. The majority of the song will be focused around this man with him having alot of flashbacks, remembering the good times between the old couple. I plan to use a black and white effect for these flashbacks and it will show what the couple used to do when they were together. These shots will be filmed in several different locations. I will use alot of cut shots away from these flashbacks to the man in the present walking down a main street lip syncing the lyrics to the song. I also plan to have shots of the band aswell because just having this man walking down the main street would get repetitive and boring.  Another feature to the music video would be a when a couple who are still together holding hands and having a good time walk past the man walking down the main street, he would brush shoulders with them but keep walking. This will show his anger and jealousy. I am not 100% sure about the ending to my music video but during my research process I found that people from last years A2 coursework went down the route of suicide to complete their music video. This is a possibility for my video because it would suit the narrative sections but I will explore all the routes and get feedback from my classmates.

Type of Music Video: In relation to Goodwin's Theory my music video will be a hybrid as it is a mixture between a performance and narrative based music video. I have already touched on this in the previous section but there will be cuts shots between narrative sections and the performance aspects of the music video. I have already mentioned in detail the narrative sections but the performance sections will be mainly based around the man walking down the street lip syncing. I do also plan to use some band shots and I will have to get in touch with some people I know who might be able to help me out. There will not be many of these shots but variation is key in any music video.  

Locations: There will be several locations in my music video as there will be alot of flashbacks. Most of the locations will be in Ilkley however, as there are alot more places I could film. Obviously we would need to film in someone’s house for the very first scene but this would be very easy to do. I am hoping to be able to film the main street shots on New Brook Street Road in Ilkley. This is an ideal road as it is not too busy and it is away from the town centre. There are also trees on either side of the road and I believe there is perfect opportunity for some good framing in the shots. The road also leads down to some other locations I would like to film at which are the skate park. This would be ideal location for teenagers to be lounging around and taking it easy which is stereotypical for this age group. Another location I would film at is the river. Again I think it would be good to get the couple skimming rocks on the water as a flashback and maybe even get a reflection on the water. I would also film in the actual park at the bottom of Ilkley as it has a path along the river and it would be good to have the man reflecting of old times here. The good thing about all of these locations is that they are all in close proximity of one another. I would like to film on Ilkley Moor aswell because it is iconic and it is a good setting for a music video. There is also potential here for getting some really good shots of Ilkley and the surrounding areas. I would also like to use pathetic fallacy in my music video. This is when the weather is portraying the person’s feelings. For example, if it was sunny the person would be happy, however if it was raining the person would be sad.

Actors: There would only be two actors in my music video, one man and one woman. I have a person in mind for the role of the man. He is called Conor O'Loughlin and he is in the other Media class. I have chosen him because he looks abit like Liam Gallagher and he is a good actor. He is also in a band so I might even be able to get some performance shots of them all playing together. He would be an ideal choice to play the role of the man in my video. In regards to the woman, I do not have anyone in mind at the moment but I am sure there will be a few people willing to do the role as it doesn't require too much acting and there are no specifications (e.g. they do not have to have a specific hair colour etc) 

Inspiration: There are a few music videos that inspired me to think of this particular idea. The first one is The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony. This music video focuses on Ashcroft, the bands vocalist, lip-synching the song while walking down a busy London pavement, refusing to change his stride or direction throughout. He is oblivious to what is going on around him. He repeatedly bumps into passers-by, narrowly avoids being hit by a car, and jumps on top of the bonnet of another vehicle stopped in his path.The driver gets out of her car and proceeds to pursue and shout at him, while he continues unflinchingly. This gave me the idea of the performance elements of my idea with the man walking down the main street lip syncing words to the song. Here is the music video for The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony:

The next two are from some students from last year who attended Ilkley Grammar School.  

Jonny Hughes, Joel Colborne & Callum Moreman recreated Joy Division - Disorder: 

Mary Jenner, Lucy Mannall & Chris Lawrence recreated We Are The Ocean - Confession: 

Both of these music videos did extremely well and scored very highly and i want to include some features from both in my own video.

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