Friday, 21 October 2011

SP - Ten Things I have Learnt So Far

Here is my list of the top ten things i have learnt so far from the A2 course in Media Studies:
  1. Goodwins Theory: The three music video types which are performance, narrative and concept
  2. The codes and conventions of music videos
  3. Censorship in music video
  4. What a fish eye lens is
  5. Getting to know Final Cut
  6. Getting to know HD Cameras
  7. How important planning is and why we should always use call sheets and stroyboards
  8. Why coverage and framing shots is so important
  9. What a Snorri Cam and a Sin City effect is
  10. How to mark an A2 music video and blog

Here are three things i would like to learn in the future in this A2 Media Studies course:
  1.  How to make a good digipak cover for the music video and magazine advert for the digipak
  2. How to make a proffesional music video that sustains the audiences attention for the whole four minutes
  3. What music videos and directors are successful and why. Also how are we going to be able to implement these techniques they use in to our music video

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