Thursday, 13 October 2011

SP - Changes To The Coursework Idea

In reference to Rob Shaw's original coursework idea post, as a group we have had some feedback on the concept and we have decided to make some changes.

  1. We were going to have a protagonist being unsettled with himself and is envious of another person who is settled with himself. The protagonist was going to want to take away this persons perfection so that he doesn't feel envious anymore. Now we have decided to have a group of four people who are at the top of the social ladder and the protagonist is enviuos of the person leading the group. We will still have two main characters but it makes more sense to have this social group because it gives us more scope with locations etc.
  2. As i just mentioned now that we have changed the idea to a group of four people who are at the top of the social ladder we have decided to include some more locations that dont just include shots at school. We will now also be able to film in and around Ilkley and maybe in someones house. We still do not have a set storyboard and call sheet so we can still change any things we may feel we have a problem with.
  3. We have always had the idea to include performance footage but now we have had some time to think about who we want to do it. We have asked a band called "Ice Cream for Activists" to be our musicians in our performance footage. Rob, Will and I are good friends with the members of they group and Rob Shaw asked their drummer Dave Atkinson in registration if he was interested. Now that we have arranged it with them, they are now learning the song and in a week or so we will record some sample footage. 

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