Friday, 16 March 2012

SP - Evaluation Q2 Draft

How Effective Is The Combination Of Your Main Product And Ancillary Texts?

Similarities Of Our Package:
  • Gaming aspect is featured in all of our texts as it is heavily used in our music video with the protagonist playing games on his computer. On the digipak the front and back covers feature a background that is a screenshot from the game 'Mass Effect'. Also on the front cover is an avatar from the same game. Finally on our mag ad the background is again a futuristic sci-fi image that is related to the gaming theme.
  • There is also a large focus on the 'muse nerd' (protagonist) in our package due him featuring in nearly every aspect of our music video. He is also on our digipak front cover and in the inside panel.
  • Lonliness is related to the muse nerd point as in every text the protagonist is signified as being lonly an cast out form his family and friends
  • Muse is obvioulsy features alot especially in our music video with posters, digipaks, hoodies etc all featuring and in our digipak/mag ad the logo is used to outline the artist.
  • We have used someof the same fonts in  our digipak and mag ad due to the fact we wanted to keep some continuety and it looks very good.
  • On our digipak and mag ad we have used new media and social networking in all of our ancillary text incluing QR codes, Twitter and Facebook logos/links

Differences Of Our Package:
  • Obvioulsy the format of each product is completely different.
  • Some of our target audiences could be interpretated very differently due to the average gamer being in his mid 30's where as our primary audience is 15-24. Also our  mag ad could go in several different magazines which will all have different audiences
  • We have used digipaks in music vid which are all from different genres and not just from our alternative rock genre
  • We have used several different locations throughout our music video including some scenes at school, in Ilkley and in Addingham.
  • In our digipak we have used track lists whereas in our mag ad we only used tour dates and no mention of any best selling tracks etc.

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