Friday, 16 March 2012

SP - Evaluation Q4 Draft

How Did You Use New Media Technologies In The Construction And Research, Planning And Evaluation Stages?

  • Internet:
  • Research in to Muse, Alternative rock genre etc
  • Gaining feedback and promoting our music video on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube 

  • Websites:
  • Blogger (Last years A2 blogs/This years A2 blogs, Music videos blog etc)
  • Muse website
  • Wikipedia (Not always reliable)
  • Twitter/Facebook/YouTube again

  • New Sofware:
  • Final Cut Express
  • Photoshop
  • iMovie 11

  • Techniques Learned:
  • Final Cut Express (Distortion, Double Layering, Transitions, Colour Enhancing)
  • iMovie 11 (Importing and Exporting new footage)

  • New Hardware: 
  • HD cameras
  • SD cards

  • YouTube Channels:
  • How we gained feedback from other users and especially past A2 student who left a comment
  • Analytics (number of hits we got, break down of gender, nationality etc and genral video breakdown)

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