Friday, 16 March 2012

SP - Evaluation Q3 Draft

What Have You Learned From Your Audience Feedback?

How We Gained Feedback:
  • Asked our media class
  • Teacher
  • Media Technician
  • Parents
  • Yyear 13's
  • Year 12's
  • Male and Female
Feedback On Our Music Video:
  1. Our class mates thought that the music video was filmed and edited in such a way that it was more like a film opening like last years brief rather than a music video. 
  2. They thought that it was too slow paced and didnt really grab their attention.
  3. As i have briefly touched on our primary audience thought that most of our shots were far too long and needed to be cut down to make it more fast flowing to match with the quick music. They also said that if we did this our scenes would be shorter because just like the shots they were too long. 
  4. The school scene didnt go down too well either because people thought it was abit cheesy and didnt suit the purpose of our music video.
  5. The general feeling from both the people in our class and our Media teacher is that our footage wasnt interesting enough. They got bored too quickly and wouldnt want to watch it again. The shots needed cutting down as did the scenes and the mise-en-scene was bland and bare.
  6. When our Media teacher stopped our music video around 1:30 minutes in we realised that nothing had actually happened. This was a big reality check and we realised that maybe our footage so far needed to be scrapped and we should start again. 

Feedback On Our Digipak:

Front Panel
  • Downsize the circular sticker
  • Make sure all logos are in line with each other
  • Sticker should focus on details about the DVD due to it being special edition
  • The Muse logo should be made bigger
Back Panel
  • Too many tracks on the CD? Try and cut this down
  • Maybe advertise as a bonus CD rather than bonus tracks
  • Include a Behind The Scenes and a Full Live Performance with venue and date on as it is Special Edition
  • Try the same colour scheme for the font as is seen on the front panel
  • Barcode number needs to change to something more realistic
Inside Panels
  • Make the shots of protagonist larger and/or clearer
  • Try make a background image on the corridor look out of place to fit in with sci-fi theme.
  • Work on the idea of writing on the noticeboard
  • Try link the inside panels to the outer panels more 
  • Move further away from realism, more to Sci-Fi idea

  • Feedback has played a massive part in the editing process as we have gained several comments from different people that has helped us improve each of our products. 
  • Some of the feedback we didnt agree with and we didnt implement in to our final products (Examples: Too much orange on digipak, Need to link inside panels to front and back) 
  • Our final vision was completely different to what we had planned at the start and each aspect has been heavily scultped by audience feedback which has played a massive part.
  • We have around 5 Sample Footages which gives an indication how many times we have filmed + how many times we have changed and tweaked our footage to what our audienvce thought.

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