Friday, 4 November 2011

SP - Analysis of the Class Vodcasts

This week we have been looking at different groups vocasts within our class which we made a few weeks ago. We did this because it linked in with our weeks focus which was codes and conventions of music videos. We are constantly trying to gain a greater understanding of the codes and coventions of music vidoes within each genre and how these can differ. 

Tom Wardman - Tyler The Creator - Yonkers

"Yonkers" by Tyler the Creator
  • Video was just two shots.
  • Therefore the video used very long takes.
  • Not much editing involved.
  • Used a handheld camera.
  • One man singing.
  • Focus is on this man
"Knights of Cydonia" by Muse
  • Made in 2006 and was a high-budget music video.
  • Had an online competition to spot the fifteen intertextual film references.
  • Has a few performance aspects in the video as well as the Narrative aspects.
  • Large number of special F
  • Includes lip-synching
  • Makes use of crane shots
  • Includes footage supporting the Male Gaze theory.
  • Makes use of multi-layering.

Mel Abraham - Beyonce - Single Ladies
Will Spivey - Snow Patrol - Take Back the City

Single Ladies
  • The whole video is one continous shot however broken up into parts
  • 15-24 audience with female the main target however secondary audience is male because of the male gaze aspect to it
  • Concept and performance
  • Beyonce could be seen as a sex symbol to the male audience
  • Black and White effect 
  • Lots of shot variation
Take Back the City
  • Released in 2008
  • Reached number 6 in the UK
  • 18-35 audience
  • Male + female audience
  • Concept
  • Stop motion shots used in the video
  • Very unusual for a music video
  • Performance aspects too
  • They held a competition allowing fans to appear in the music video

Harry Knight - Martin Solveig - Hello
Kyle Meeson - Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife

  • There is an extended version which lasts 8 mins
  • Extended version has a "short film" effect to it with the protagonist and his trainer talking
  • Lots of shot variation
  • Titles + Company Idents
  • Diagetic sound in the video but not in the actual song
  • Repeated shots
  • Takes codes and conventions from film
  • Male stereotypes
  • Antagonist - facial hair = bad guy
  • Concept video
  • Narrative Enigma
  • Focus on frontman
  • Performance and concept
  • Made in 2006
  • SFX - goes from white location to black every so often
  • Leaves the audience working out what happens due to narrative enigma
  • Dark clothing
  • Band instruments change colours when they swap from the white location to the other
  • White dove with dark location 
  • Cut shots to tarantula and dove on multiple occasions
  • Cut shots to band member dancing
  • Cut shots to person running

Bad Romance
  • Released 2009
  • The video contains elements of sex and not being in control of yourself
  • Anti-feminist way towards women
  • White clothing and big "dog" eyes to show her as innocent
  • Narrative of her being bid on by men and then bought later
  • Ends with Gaga getting revenge on the man that bought her by killing him
  • The end shows her in black clothing and next to a skeleton
  • Intertextual Reference to Madonna with the iconic bra
Material Girl
  • Released 1985
  • 15-24 audience but both male and female
  • Young actors in the video
  • Male Gaze because of what the females are wearing
  • Blonde, red lips + pretty attracts the males (male gaze)
  • Female are attracted to it too because they want to aspire to be like her
  • Narrative video
  • Madonna compared to Marilyn Monro
  • Jay-Z is in the music video therefore attracts his fans to this video because of him being it it
  • Lyrics based on the weather in Britain
  • Stayed in the charts for 7 weeks
  • Risky clothing
  • Only wearing Silver paint + tight leather clothing therefore attracting the male audience through male gaze
  • SFX used in the video such as faked rain falling
  • Background dancers
  • High budget

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