Wednesday, 2 November 2011

SP - Three Weak Music Videos

1. Rebecca Black - Friday

This is an example of a very poor music video because it is very simplistic and the effects are of a low standard. The actual song attracted alot of media attention and the music video reflects how much bad publicity the song got. There are long takes, slow editing and bad effects and these all result in the music video being very boring to watch. It feels like an amateur made it and i truly believe our coursework group can make a much better music video ourselves.

2. Sean Kingston - Party All Night (Sleep All Day)

This is a reasobaly poor music video for some of the same reasons as the Rebecca Black music video. It's weaknesses include a lack of shot variation as the only shots that are used in the video are close-ups and mid shots. This gives the music video a unproffessional and amateurish feel. It also gives the audience a tendency to drift off and not really give an interest to what is actually happening. Another problem i found with this music video is the effects used. The use of SFX in this case are really weak as they seem out of place and as if a child could do what they have done. I have previoulsy blogged on this music video which you can find by clicking here

3. Cher Lloyd - Swagger Jagger

When looking at this music video i think there are many disadvantages especially if we compare it to the mark scheme we have been given. There are extremely long takes, very slow editing even though the song has quite a fast beat to it and there are hardly any shot variation involved. There are only really close-ups and mid shots used in the music video which makes the videovery poor. However i belive that the effects used in the video are actually quite good but the rest of the music video really lets this only positive side down.

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