Thursday, 3 November 2011

SP - My Consumption of Music Videos

In this current day and age you can access music videos anywhere due to the advance in technology. The very first music video was created in 1981 and there was a very limited way in which people could view music videos back then. However in 2011 there are several ways I watch music videos and they are couldnt be diffrent to those in 1981.

YouTube: This is the main way i now watch music videos. This is because it is simple, easy to use and i am on my laptop alot of my free time. You dont have to watch TV for hours on end hoping your favourite songs will come on, all you have to do is write in the search bar and click on the video. I beleive that YouTube has leapfrogged TV in the last five years in the way i watch many things not alone music videos. This makes YouTube new media and it has changed millions of peoples lives worldwide. This has resulted in YouTube being available to be downloaded as an app on the iPod, iPhone and iPads. This also evolves the reputation that YouTube is new media and it is so easy to use. One of the best things about YouTube is that you can even search for music by genres.I strongly beleive that most people use YouTube because it is fast, easy and easy accessible anytime, anywhere.

However YouTube isnt the only way i consume music videos, I also view them on TV.  I used to watch music videos alot more a few years ago than i do now because technology on the internet isnt as advanced as it is now and i watched alot more TV back then. Like i said a few years ago just flicking through channels was the best way to search for music videos but that was before the invention of YouTube. There were programmes like UK Top 40 or Urban Chart and iwould just have it on and wait for my favourite songs to come on. However the main problem with doing this is that these sort of programmes last for around 2 hours and the songs i really like were at the very end of the shows which meant usually they were the most recent. This was abit of a hinderence and usually meant i would miss my favourite music videos. Now in 2011 i only watch music videos on TV on ery rare basis as YouTube is quicker and easier.

iTunes - Another case of new media is the introduction of Itunes. This is another easy way of watching your favourite music videos as you can buy and download them on to your laptop of mobile device and watch them anytime. The onl problem is that it can cost quite alot because you have to buy music videos from the online store and if you want to buy alot of them the money can start to stack up. Alot of people all over the world are doing this because mobile phones are becoming smarter and begining to work like small computers. When people have to travel long distances on aeroplanes, cars or even trains they can just load up their videos and listen/watch their songs. However saying this it is easier for people to download the YouTube app and listen and watch their music videos for free then keep on buying them on iTunes.

DVD's: My family owns a few DVD's which contain just music videos but i ahvent personally gone out and bought one myself. My dad has a DVD where you put the disk in to the DVD player and you can just watch which ever music video you want from whatever band it is. I have only ever watched a music video on DVD a couple of times because for one i dont have any i particulary like, its only my dad who has, and two it is much easier to be on my laptop and load up YouTube.

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